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Am I Qualified to Teach English in Japan?

What qualifications do you need to teach English in Japan?

This is probably the most common question I get.

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2020 is Canceled

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. That’s because I’m not as into blogging here after publishing what I wanted to, in addition to using City-Cost.com most of … Continue reading

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City vs. Prefecture or National Schools

I have written a little about my part time ALT job on here. I think it’s great. It’s not a common situation at all, but I recommend it if part … Continue reading

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It’s Who You Know

Wondering how to make connections / where to meet people and find out about jobs? When you already live in Japan and have a valid visa to work here, networking … Continue reading

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Are You a City-Cost Blogger?

For any of you out there who are A.) Living in Japan and B.) interested in earning Amazon credit for blogging and answering surveys, head over to City-Cost.com. UPDATE: Right … Continue reading

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Dispatch vs. Direct ALT Work

Is my part time ALT job direct hire? No, but it’s way better than working for a big dispatch company. First, what is Direct Hire? I wrote about that a … Continue reading

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Full Time or Freelance

Illustration by Kaoru from an old kids book with a story about room mates, Mr. Daikon & Mr. Gobou Time to sit and enjoy my coffee without feeling rushed is … Continue reading

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Summer Blues

It’s too bad I’m no good at planning ahead and chose the hottest summer ever to stay in Japan. It’s summer vacation, no corporate lessons or ALT lessons, just a … Continue reading

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Some Random Facts About Me

*Not totally random. I guess I wanted to explain our situation a little more to help everyone understand why I don’t work full time and other things you might not … Continue reading

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Hello again!

Sometimes you just need a break you know. Publishing a new article every week was a self-imposed standard, and I wasn’t having fun anymore, so I took a break. I’ll … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Earn a Little on the Side

While living in Japan as a foreigner, there are little things you can do to earn some kind of credit at least, doing a type of side hustle online. You’ll … Continue reading

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