Is it your dream to teach English in Japan?

Why do people move to Japan?

My friend Shogo told me his theory on why people move to Japan to become English teachers. He speaks English well and made a lot of English teacher friends. This is what the English teachers had in common.

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Am I Qualified to Teach English in Japan?

What qualifications do you need to teach English in Japan?

This is probably the most common question I get.

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Outings (3)

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Outings (1&2)

A new series about living in Japan, called “Outings,” in which I share (in English and random Japanese) my sketchbook entries about the little outings I go on with my … Continue reading

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“Home” With New Eyes

A collection of Engrish related to holidays.

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Spiritual Engrish

These references to Kami-sama, or God, made me laugh a little.

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Restaurant Engrish

Some random restaurant Engrish photos.

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Engrish on Food Packaging

It’s far too common that the text in English sounds a bit off.

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How The Flu Cost Me Over 105,000 Yen

No one said getting sick is cheap, but I thought I’d break down my costs (or losses) based on catching the flu at an inconvenient time. (Really, when is the … Continue reading

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Screenshot Engrish

It’s not only when I’m outside that I notice Engrish. Here are a couple shots taken from the comfort of my own home.   Sure, the pronunciation difference between ‘ankle’ … Continue reading

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Time for a Holiday / Vacation?

There are a few main types of travel for those of us living in Japan, and each has it’s pros and cons, of course.

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How to Create a Great Self Introduction

Welcome to Japan! Are you ready to introduce yourself (a lot)?

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