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Am I Qualified to Teach English in Japan?

What qualifications do you need to teach English in Japan?

This is probably the most common question I get.

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Three Ways to Earn a Little on the Side

While living in Japan as a foreigner, there are little things you can do to earn some kind of credit at least, doing a type of side hustle online. You’ll … Continue reading

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KonMari Method

You may have heard of Kondo Marie, as she’s quite famous for her decluttering method in Japan. I even saw her on the Ellen Show while watching clips on youtube. … Continue reading

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Changes to the Public School ALT system starting in 2018

In spring of 2011, 5th and 6th grade elementary school students in Japan began studying “Foreign Language Activities” or English conversation lessons. Starting in April of this year, third and … Continue reading

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Libraries in Japan

My first year in Japan I didn’t even get a library card for some reason. I’m a huge library fan and usually that’s a priority when I move somewhere new. … Continue reading

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Personality & ESL Teachers

Years ago I did some career quiz and saved this screenshot. I’m not saying that teaching English abroad is a career, because I don’t believe that it is. At the … Continue reading

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Background Music in Japan

In Japan, one of the weird things I often notice and appreciate is the background music, or BGM. It creates never ending entertainment or frustration. There is of course, background … Continue reading

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Outings (16 )

I had some frequent flyer miles with United Airlines, not a ton, but some that were going to expire with no activity soon. I researched a bit about where we … Continue reading

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Riding a Bike in Japan

Motenai! Don’t let that bike go to waste!   I am not fond of driving. This includes in the US and in Japan (even if I have only driven in left … Continue reading

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Free Q & A Sheet for English Conversation Lessons

Two years ago, I returned to Japan as an ALT, but that didn’t last long. I finished up the school year on a short contract, then I decided not to … Continue reading

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outings (15)

In our city, Kurume, but out in the rural area, there’s a festival we meant to go to last year. One of my students lives in that neighborhood and invited … Continue reading

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