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Am I Qualified to Teach English in Japan?

What qualifications do you need to teach English in Japan?

This is probably the most common question I get.

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10 Important Things to Know About Living in Japan

Before making the choice to move to Japan, there are some things you might want to be aware of first. One. People speak Japanese in Japan. Get used to Japanese or … Continue reading

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Staying in a Japanese Hostel

My reasons for preferring hostels are: cost, kitchen, and built in community. If you just need a safe place to sleep and don’t plan to spend much time there during … Continue reading

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Teaching Test Preparation Lessons

Test prep has a lot in common with company lessons, that is, if the course is organized under a company who hires language teachers. If you’re awesome at Japanese, you … Continue reading

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New year firsts

What new year traditions do you celebrate after the new year? Keep in mind all the things you do for the first time in the year, as they are sort of special.

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New Year’s Resolutions and Studying Japanese

(To make a) New Year’s Resolution 新年の抱負「を立てる」 Shinnen no houfu (wo tateru) Japanese people don’t really have a tradition to make new year’s resolutions, but not all Americans bother with … Continue reading

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Teaching Corporate Lessons

It’s about time, an article about teaching English in Japan! It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I really have anything new to say on the topic, but there … Continue reading

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Outings (14)

It’s been a while! I’m loving the fall weather because it’s warm today, but it finally started getting cold in mid November. We went on a fall related outing this … Continue reading

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Red Trees

The first time I ever visited Japan, I flew into Narita Airport in late March, super excited for my adventure even after the long flight from the states. I remember … Continue reading

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Chap Stick for the Dry Season

If you pay attention, you might notice people using chap stick every now and again. Did you notice what kind it is? I’ve seen a lot of people in Japan … Continue reading

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Pocky Day is Coming Up!

November 11th is Pocky (& Pretz) Day. (Can you guess why?) “Share Happiness” is Pocky’s slogan and they want you to share Pocky with everyone. This unofficial holiday is one … Continue reading

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