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Give Yourself to the Dark Chocolate



Star Wars is a pretty big deal here too. I Still Haven’t Seen It! Mostly because movie theaters are expensive and crowded the only times I can go. Also because we were sort of watching the other six movies first and I think have two left to go (which my boyfriend has never seen). I heard a spoiler (in Japanese) but still have no idea how or why this tragic event occurs, so it’s okay.

I was, in the past, a kind of otaku (obsessed nerd) about the original Star Wars movies. I was really unimpressed with the trilogy made in the ’00s (how do I say that?), but I heard the new one is a lot better. It’s just a nostalgic thing for me – I was born in the 70s (the same year the first movie, A New Hope, was released in theaters).


These Star Wars design snacks make me giggle. Dark Chocolate fits well with Darth Vader, it’s brilliant marketing.

PS: In Japan, dark chocolate is… weak. They think 50% cocoa is dark/bitter. I’m more of a 70% or way more fan. Not easy to find in these parts. Never mind fair trade.

Speaking of Chocolate! Japanese Valentine’s Day! Oh, it’s so soon! More pictures of the awesomeness and confusion here. It’s not American Valentine’s Day – oh so different.


One comment on “Give Yourself to the Dark Chocolate

  1. pheyton
    February 3, 2016

    And you thought the Disney marketing for Star Wars in the US was insane. Everywhere you look here in Tokyo shops there are Star Wars goods!


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