Is it your dream to teach English in Japan?

Why did you move to Japan?


Of ALL the places in the world, what is so magical about Japan?

It’s one of the common questions Japanese people love to ask foreigners living in Japan.

What’s so awesome about my country that you wanted to live here? Tell me how awesome my country is? (What they really mean?)

I’m happy that Japanese people have a sense of pride about their country. It’s almost as if they want to know who let the foreigners in on their secret and what sold us on coming.

I feel as if I could make up plenty of funny answers for this question:

I couldn’t get a job in the US. No really.

Sushi in the US just isn’t the same.

Police officers in Japan are so kind!


Anyway, the reasons for moving to Japan are usually complex and hard to explain to someone either in Japanese or in English (when it’s not their first language). Usually I stick with random answers like:

I love onsen.

I like teaching English to Japanese students.

I had Japanese exchange students stay with my family as a kid.


You will, inevitably, be asked the same question from most of your friends and family.

It’s helpful to understand this question when you hear it in Japanese, and know how to answer it in Japanese. Your task, if you’re planning on moving to Japan, is to come up with a good answer. It might take a while, and after living in Japan your answer might change (maybe to “I’m not sure anymore”).

Maybe you discover the awesomeness of tsukemen or yakiniku… (why is it always about food?) Maybe you love the moment when something clicks in your students’ minds and they get an ‘Aha!’ look on their faces. Maybe living abroad in itself is just a radical experience.

PS: Random ajisai (hydrangea) photos as it’s the season.


2 comments on “Why did you move to Japan?

  1. renmi86
    June 15, 2016

    I’ve been getting this question a lot lately, especially as to why I came to Nagoya rather than someplace like Tokyo. My answer: the food, or around here, red miso. People really like talking about food here, it seems.


  2. helloalissa
    June 22, 2016

    Mmm, I think all people like talking about good food.


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