Is it your dream to teach English in Japan?

Cafe Engrish

What kind of donuts are served on a flight?


Plane donuts.


Yes, I have the sense of humor of an eight year old.


In Japan, sense of humor is on the punny side, mostly a play on words that sound similar. I love this kind of joke, so it’s fitting.

I can’t help taking photos of good Engrish when I see it, like these vegan donuts in a cafe in Fukuoka. I didn’t try one, but I think they were actually bagels. (Bagels are not very common in Japan and always cost around 200 yen each if you can find them. Donuts on the other hand, everywhere with a range of sizes, flavors, and prices.)


Engrish has several categories, from misspellings and misused punctuation to using a word that sounds the same while being spelled differently (homophones). Native speakers do this all the time because English phonics and spelling is so tricky. These are fairly easy to figure out.

A lot of the time Engrish is a literal translation that doesn’t quite sound right. Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense.

One of my favorite Engrish categories is random words that someone thought looked cool. These are really common on clothing, like a student’s sweater that said, “Foamy” in cursive. When I told her what it meant, she was a little embarrassed. It can be fun to talk about the English clothing students are wearing when I teach a small class.

Another one from a bakery in Saga City.


Keep your eyes peeled and you can find some really funny Engrish around the world.


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