Is it your dream to teach English in Japan?

The Benefits of a Good Decision Tree

All this work to get freelance work is exhausting. I think people don’t realize that they have a choice. It might be a matter of making bills, but once you’re … Continue reading

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Fireworks! PS: This is blog post number 100!

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The Pros & Cons of Being a Freelancer

This is specifically about being a freelance English teacher in Japan. It’s already going to end up a multi-part article. As always, if you have any questions on the topic … Continue reading

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I know some of you can’t read Japanese at all… if you want me to translate future outings written in Japanese, please just comment & I’ll do so. I’m not … Continue reading

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PS: I spelled something wrong, it should be たべほうだい。Do you like kushikatsu? I have no idea what that is in English… random deep fried things on sticks. I think it … Continue reading

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Stationery Dork Alert

I’m a huge stationery dork I think it started at the Sanrio stores that became popular around the same time I was born. I was sort of obsessed with cute … Continue reading

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Photos & Photo Booths in Japan

You might not be used to providing a recent photo with your resume. In Japan that’s standard. In addition to applying for work, each time we renew a visa or … Continue reading

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Ever Heard of Oreo Crispy?

Um… it’s about snacks again.

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