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“Home” With New Eyes

A visit home with a different perspective.

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Spiritual Engrish

These references to Kami-sama, or God, made me laugh a little.

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Restaurant Engrish

Some random restaurant Engrish photos.

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Engrish on Food Packaging

It’s far too common that the text in English sounds a bit off.

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How The Flu Cost Me Over 105,000 Yen

No one said getting sick is cheap, but I thought I’d break down my costs (or losses) based on catching the flu at an inconvenient time. (Really, when is the … Continue reading

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Screenshot Engrish

It’s not only when I’m outside that I notice Engrish. Here are a couple shots taken from the comfort of my own home.   Sure, the pronunciation difference between ‘ankle’ … Continue reading

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Time for a Holiday / Vacation?

There are a few main types of travel for those of us living in Japan, and each has it’s pros and cons, of course.

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How to Create a Great Self Introduction

Welcome to Japan! Are you ready to introduce yourself (a lot)?

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Local and Seasonal Flavors

What are the local seasonal flavors your area is famous for?

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Engrish Underpants

This is a small fraction of funny Engrish on underwear packaging I’ve seen in Japan.

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My ebook, No Time For Love


#findingtypos & #badtranslations is fun. This kids story written by #谷川俊太郎 #tanikawashuntaro is strangely relevant. "Playing War" 「せんそうごっこ」illustrated by #三輪滋 #MiwaShigeru

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