Is it your dream to teach English in Japan?


Some links to get you started for finding work, more information about being an English teacher and living in Japan, etc.

Finding work in Japan Links:

JET Programme

Alternatives to JET

Ohayo Sensei


Living and Traveling in Japan Links:

City Cost and my review page

Japan Quake Map

How I Became Texan

Japan Travel

TESL / TESOL / CELTA Certificate Links:

Midwest Education Group


Teaching English in Japan Links:


Teaching Resources TEFL Blog

Other Links:

My TeacherspayTeachers page with ESL lesson activities and zines

My TpT Referral link, if you sign up for an account!

My ebook about living in Japan

My Red Bubble account – my designs



My ebook, No Time For Love


#findingtypos & #badtranslations is fun. This kids story written by #谷川俊太郎 #tanikawashuntaro is strangely relevant. "Playing War" 「せんそうごっこ」illustrated by #三輪滋 #MiwaShigeru

ESL Zines and other Teaching Maerials

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